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Monday, May 01, 2006

The way to freedom from IP

While I was reading some more about IP (Incontinentia Pigmenti), I came across the term "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis". They were explaining that now, since the gene for IP had been discovered, it was now possible to screen a woman's eggs for that gene and select one without the disease, avoiding the problem before it starts! Wow! I hadn't heard about this before. I started googling various things and discovered the amazing world of modern genetics. Sex selection was really possible, it wasn't just in science fiction. And there were so many diseases that they had discovered ways to screen out! Price tags are quite high, but when we got our insurance we purposefully got a plan with 100% infertility coverage as well as 100% maternity coverage, just in case I had this disease. I didn't see any exact prices quotes, but the range seems to be from a couple thousand to $50,000.

I sent an email to my testing centre, asking about the procedure, just in case. If I don't have to worry about IP (Incontinentia Pigmenti), then I don't really have a preference for the gender. We want to have two children, one of each gender. Choosing hair colour, eye colour, etc, seems to still be science fiction, but it is amazing how far science has come, to be able to screen out diseases and select gender in this day and age. It might be good just to test for everything they can test for, just in case. However, insurance probably wouldn't pay for "unwarranted" tests. People really do freeze eggs too sometimes. I had heard about it on the news, but never really realized it was truly possible. It would be an interesting procedure, as a science geek I can't help but be a little interested in going through it myself, however I'd still prefer the natural way.


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