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Monday, December 24, 2007

General update on calls & paperwork

I'd thought I'd just give a general update on what I've been doing the last month, since nothing big has really happened. I received a fat packet in the mail from Mary, my IVF coordinator, which has all sorts of stuff including my complete protocol with the list of medications I'll need to take. I took a look at it and started crying because it made me so scared and sad :( . So many drugs I have to take... I wish I could just have a baby naturally... It makes me wonder again whether this is really safer than risking another miscarriage, but I suppose it really is. When I get up the courage to look at it again I'll post the medications list, after I ask Mary some questions that I have. I'm surprised they already have my protocol ready, without knowing the results of any of my tests! I thought all my hormone test results would determine the protocol, but apparently not. I guess they're just to check if everything's okay in general, or maybe then they'll alter it if a test comes up different than they expected. I'll ask Mary because that was really a surprise to me to see the whole protocol already. The packet also had a financial statement for us to sign, a bunch more general paperwork, and some nice looking info packets.

I went over to my old OB/GYN's office and got them to fill out the official patient workup form with the tests I've already had done, like my blood type, Rubella Ab, Hepatitis B Surface Ag, etc, that I listed two blogs ago. It looks like I had about half of these tests done when I was pregnant so I've got a good start. Then I faxed it to Mary.

Dana wrote a really nice letter for us to send to our insurance company to see if we can get coverage for the PGD portion. She emailed it to me for approval and now I'm waiting for the signed copy to come in the mail. I still have to figure out how to send it to our insurance company. I also told her we were ready to receive the DNA kit for our blood samples for the PGD so I'm waiting for those to come, too. I'm going to try and get the sampling done at the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine where I'll be doing my testing and monitoring, and then we can both get some other blood tests out of the way, too. That way my hubby only has to come in for one appointment.

I got my referral and workup form sent to the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine and I now have an appointment in January to do my hysterosonogram (the uterine cavity assessment) and the fasting glucose test. I want to get the HSG out of the way first since that's the most invasive, scary test. They said I could have all my tests done in one day, but that's a lot of blood to give, especially if I don't feel good because I've been fasting for the glucose test, so I'm breaking it up into three appointments - one for DNA and all the non-Day 3 blood tests except fasting glucose, another for the HSG and fasting glucose, and one more for the Day 3 blood tests and ultrasound. I think that will work out nicely.


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