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Sunday, January 20, 2008

All clear ultrasound :)

I had my Day 3 testing done this morning (four blood tests and the ultrasound), and now I am DONE with all the blood tests! Hooray! Also, my ultrasound looked perfect. I didn't realize I was worried about it until I felt the huge relief afterwards. I hadn't had an ultrasound since my miscarriage, so I wasn't sure how it would look. The tech said everything looked perfect - and I saw it for myself, too. It looked perfectly clear, nice and clean, and my lining looked good. My ovaries look good, and I think she said there were 5-6 follicles on my right, and 3-4 on the left, with my right one being dominant this month. She was a very quiet speaker and I had trouble understanding what she was saying, but I believe that's what she told me. I didn't know that you normally have more than one follicle per cycle, so that was interesting. It was just such a relief though to see my nice, clean, perfect uterus there, with no leftovers from the miscarriage or anything. For those of you that are counting, this is now my fourth period since the miscarriage. Next cycle I go on the birth control pills! I still have one test left - the HSG, which I had to move again because my period came later than I was expecting, so I have that next Monday now.

I still have those two packets of paperwork to go through that I just haven't had time for yet, but I'll hopefully be getting that done soon, since I need to figure out how I'm supposed to get my medications and the procedure for starting and whatnot.


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