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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HSG - Horizontal Scary-o-Gram

Well, I had my hystero- sonogram (HSG) today. The good news? It's OVER and done with, and everything looked great. The nurses told me, "Congratulations!" :) . However, it was certainly not an enjoyable experience. First of all, I had to go to the bathroom really bad while I was waiting, and I didn't know how long it was going to be or if I even needed a full bladder, so I decided to go. Turns out, I did need a full bladder. The nurses should have told me that before hand, though. So, when the doctor came in, he couldn't get the catheter in because he said my bladder wasn't full enough. So he left, and the nurses gave me more and more water to drink for about 15 minutes. Colllddd water. I was getting really cold in there with no pants on and all the cold water so I actually put on my coat on my top half to keep from shivering. Not a great start. When the doctor came back in, his bedside manner could have been better. He was obviously in a rush, he barely even glanced at me, and he told the nurses,"Okay, let's hurry and get this done because I have to get back upstairs.". Hmm, that made me feel special! That made me really nervous that he was going to try and rush things. Then he tilted the table really far backwards, so my legs were much higher than my head. He didn't explain things, but I'm guessing that's so the solution/dye that they inject will run out my tubes to show that they're open. I had to hang on to the sides of the table though, to keep from sliding down. Then he was putting things in, and he told on of the nurses to come over and push something. Then he said,"Push harder. Push harder." Yikes! Although I couldn't feel much, I couldn't help wondering, what is she pushing and why does she have to much so hard??? What if they're damaging my cervix or something? If I have cervix trouble in my next pregnancy, I will wonder about this day.

All in all, I didn't cramp much like I expected to, from hearing other women's accounts, and really it didn't hurt much. I bled just a little bit afterwards, which they said was normal, but was a surprise for me. I also have to take antibiotics now for a week, which I didn't know I was going to have to do. I'm really glad I'm not doing the PGD at this doctor's office. I really haven't had a great experience there so far. Then when I went to get my completed paperwork for all my tests, at first the nurse gave me only the half completed form that I first came in with, with none of the new test results on it. It took me more than five times asking her to get all my test results. She would find one or two and write the results on it and give it back to me, then I checked and saw that some were still missing. Then she'd look through my records and give it back again, but she still missed some. But finally I did get my precious form with all the test results filled in. She said she had faxed all the results to Chicago, but I'm going to fax the complete form myself again tomorrow, just to be sure. Because now I'm DONE with all the testing! Hooray!!! :)

The next step is to finish all the paperwork, and call Mary, my IVF coordinator. I need to see if I can start the birth control pills with my next period, and I have a lot of questions for her. One thing about doing all this, is that I know I already love my baby so much, and they haven't even been conceived yet. Going through all these procedures isn't easy, but I know it will be worth it in the end, when I have a healthy baby in my arms.


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