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Friday, February 15, 2008

Got my protocol!

Hurray! Hurray! I got my protocol! :) This is really going to happen! My CMV retest came out okay, and my new cycle started, so now we know all our estimated dates and everything! :) So, here's the plan:
  1. Saturday, 16th February: Start birth control pills (desogen). This is on Day 5 of my cycle.
  2. Tuesday, 11th March: Take last birth control pill. This is a little over 21 days that I'll be taking them, so I'll actually need 2 packs of pills, although I'll only take a few from the second one.
  3. Friday, 14th March: Have blood test and ultrasound appointment to see if I'm ready to start stimulation.
  4. Sunday, 16th March: Start stimulation (Gonal-F).
  5. Wednesday, 19th March: 1st monitoring appointment (blood test and ultrasound to see how many follicles are forming on my ovaries)
  6. Friday, 21st March: 2nd monitoring appointment
  7. Monday, 24th March: Last monitoring appointment - this will be done in Chicago. I'm guessing we'll probably go on Friday night or Saturday morning, since it happens to be on the weekend, and the dates could change depending on how my ovaries react to the stimulation.
  8. Thursday, 27th March: Egg retrieval! :)
  9. Tuesday, 1st April: Embryo transfer - this is when I hopefully will get pregnant! :) Hooray! :) I hope it's not an April Fool's Day joke... ;)
So, that's the schedule! It all starts tomorrow, on Saturday! We still have a lot to do. Mary said that Freedom Pharmacy - the pharmacy they use for the medications, will be calling me to schedule delivery of the drugs. Three of them have to be refrigerated so the delivery has to be pre-arranged. I have to get the IVF consent forms and anesthesia history questionnaire sent off to Mary, too, sometime soon. We also have to get our plane tickets and hotel reservations, of course. Since it's possible the dates could change, I'm going to try and get changeable tickets this time. I also have to watch the videos online of how to give myself the shots. I think it'll be best just to not make a big deal out of it. It's just a few shots. So what? Thousands of other women around the world do it all the time. And it's only for a week or two, then it'll be all over and I'll be pregnant! :)


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