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My experiences of concieving our first child using preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Monday, March 24, 2008

Suicidal? No, just procreating.

I triggered! I took my last 3 shots tonight! No more shots! No more shots! :) I had my final monitoring appointment today, my first visit to the Chicago office. We signed our consent forms - which, by the way, included some options that might be of interest:
  • Egg fertilization
    • Option 1: Fertilize all eggs retrieved - We choose this option of course
    • Option 2: Fertilize only 12 eggs - This option is available for people who want to minimize the number of embryos that will be discarded at the end of the cycle, if they're not freezing or donating the extras. Personally, I can't imagine not using every single chance I get! However, I've talked to some people who's religions don't approve of discarding embryos, so this might be a good option for them.
  • Cryopreservation/donation
    • Option 1: Freeze unused embryos - We choose this option
    • Option 2: Donate unused embryos to other couples
    • Option 3: Discard unused embryos
  • If you froze embryos - In case of death of both parents (This one seems rather morbid! lol)
    • Option 1: Donate frozen embryos to research
    • Option 2: Discard frozen embryos
  • Submit private data to the government for statistical purposes
    • Option 1: Agree to have your data & identity submitted to the government
    • Option 2: Have your data only submitted anonymously - We choose this one. They don't need to have more of our data on hand than they already do!
My ultrasound and bloodwork went well - I have 16 follicles that look good, and my estrogen is 1,620 - pretty perfect! :) So they moved up my egg retrieval one day! So that means I triggered tonight! Hooray!! :) So tonight I had to take my last Gonal-F at 75 IU, my last Cetrotide (big hooray!), and the Ovidrel trigger. The Ovidrel trigger wasn't so fun. The needle looked the same size as the others, but when I went to poke, it was obviously bigger :( . It took wimpy me three tries to jab it in there...but it's all over now! I don't have to take any more shots! :) I hope the next shot I ever take is a routine vaccination! :)

Tomorrow I get the day off - no more drugs! Except what's already in my system anyway ;) 26th March we go in at 9am for my egg retrieval.


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