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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Status: Approved!

I called our insurance this morning to check on our benefits advisory, and they said everything's approved!! :) HOORAY!! :) I'm so happy! I had no idea if they'd approve it or not, and I was worried they might even deny the IVF portion, but it's all officially approved now! :) What a relief. Hopefully we'll be able to get back the $3,500 setup fee that we already paid, too. That would be a big help! Whew. I'm so happy!


Blogger Hannah said...

Hi, my name Hannah. I found your blog while doing some extensive googling on the topic of PGD.

It's so great to come across someone in a similar situation - well, not great that you have to go through this, but you know what I mean.

While our genetic issues are different my husband and I are in the same boat but not quite as deep in the process as you.

I have a genetic mutation that caused some complex cardiac issues with our first child and there is high likelihood it would be passed on again. Here we are ready to have another child *with a little help*.

We have our consult and financial meetings with our new RE at the end of this month. We are unsure at this point if the lab our RE works with has the probe they need to do the PGD for us. We're hoping they do, and if hey do not we hope they will be willing to well, make it.

Also, we're keeping our fingers crossed for insurance coverage but not holding our breath.

I hope all goes well for you on this journey - and that it ends with a beautiful and healthy baby.

Thank you for sharing this process with the world - it's so hard to find others who can relate. Most of the other women I can find who are doing IVF and PGD are doing so for infertility reasons. It's such a different world.

Whew - that was ramble-y!!

Anyway, thank you!

Sunday, March 02, 2008 12:30:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am so glad that you created this blog. I am going to be starting this process soon and have found very little about this on the internet. I am 25 and my husband is 28, nobody we know has gone through this process, so we have no idea what to expect (we read about how everything is done, but not about anyone actual experience with this). We're are just getting organized now, any suggestions?

Monday, March 03, 2008 10:47:00 p.m.  
Blogger PGDMom said...

Hannah - For the insurance coverage, you didn't say whether you had already requested a benefits advisory or not, but if you haven't, do it now, don't wait. I wrote a little bit about the process in my blog, and you might have noticed it can take a while for them to get back to you! It would have been nice to get it approved before we had to pay that PGD setup fee ourselves, I'm worried about getting that $3,500 back now, although they said it's approved...Also, make sure to call your insurance FIRST, before sending the letter, and ask them exactly which you should send it to to request a "benefits advisory". We weren't sure where to send ours and I sent it to the claims office, and that caused an unnecessary delay. Best of luck with your PGD! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008 1:52:00 p.m.  
Blogger PGDMom said...

Anonymous - Yes, it's hard to find much information on PGD sometimes, that's one reason I started this blog :) . I'm glad it's helpful! As for what you should do, as you might have noticed from my blog, it takes a long time to get things started, so if you want to do it soon, my first piece of advice is to be very proactive! To do a PGD, you really have to take everything into your own hands, you can't just trust that your doctor will set everything up for you. So be prepared to make lots of follow-up calls, review your own medical records, and just generally keep on top of everything.

Which steps to take first really depends on your fertility history, and why you're doing the PGD (for IVF failures or a genetic problem?). Three things you can do right away are:
1. Request a benefits advisory from your insurance
2. Pick out the clinic where you want to do the PGD
3. Get the list of required pre-tests from the clinic and start working on those (I have a list on my blog, but different clinics might have slightly different requirements)

Also, of course make sure you and DH are healthy and at a healthy weight, and pick out your prenatal vitamins if you haven't already. :) I hope that helps! If you have any more specific questions, don't hesitate to ask me :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008 2:03:00 p.m.  

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