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Friday, March 14, 2008

All systems go for launch!

I'm so excited, and worried! I had my appointment today to see if I'm ready to start stimulation (Gonal-F) on Sunday. The appointment went great - my estrogen, lining, and follicles all look just perfect. :) So, that means we're really doing this! On Sunday I'll start stimulation, and next Saturday we're going to Chicago! I'm so excited!! And, I did it - I shot myself!! A nurse taught me how to do the shots today. She filled on with water, then I took it, and punched it in! Actually, it barely hurt at all, just a prick. It was so much easier than I thought, and really not that scary. I don't think I'll have trouble doing it on Sunday at all. I'm doing 150 IU of Gonal-F using the Gonal-F Pen sometime from 7-11 pm Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. Then I have another appointment on Wednesday to see how it's going. Yes, yes, I did it! I just bravely stuck that needle in like I was a pincushion!

Also, today was payment day. Yipee...Unfortunately, our insurance still hasn't finished doing that second benefits advisory for the IVF portion. So I had to pay it all upfront, and get reimbursed later! :( They already have the PGD portion approval, so that I didn't have to pay, and they said they'll be billing for it soon so then we'll get the $3,500 setup fee back that we already paid ourselves in January. The $2,000 chromosome testing fee that's not covered I also paid today, and of course we won't be getting that back. The IVF bill that I paid today was $20,822!! Ouch!! Our savings is empty now. I really hope I'll be getting that back later!!! The original quote I got for the IVF portion was only $10,000, however apparently that didn't include monitoring, blood tests, and some other things...I'm still confused about that, but she's going to send us the complete breakdown. Hopefully it won't matter because we'll be getting reimbursed later...I hope. However, I will list the final breakdown when I get it, since I'm sure you readers are very interested in how that mysteriously got doubled! I asked her for the breakdown on the phone, and she went on and on for awhile in a long list, so I think I just need to see it written down to really get a grasp on where that's all going. If only someone else like me had written a blog about this earlier, maybe I could have fixed this insurance problem before it started! Lol. I hope I can help some of you to avoid going through this rigmarole and just getting everything right the first time.


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