Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis-Baby's Beginning

My experiences of concieving our first child using preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sperm meets egg

We got an update today - of the 13 eggs that were retrieved, 12 were mature. Of the 12 eggs that were mature, 7 fertilized normally. So now we have 7 little zygotes sitting in the lab! :) That's a relief! 7 is good - hopefully we'll have at least one or two for transfer then...and do I dare even hope for a few to freeze??

I'm still recovering from the egg retrieval. I had 2 days of bedrest - yesterday and today. I just feel kind of sore and a bit crampy around my ovaries, but nothing bad. Tomorrow we're planning on going out a bit, but nothing that requires too much walking.

So the billing lady finally faxed the IVF codes to our insurance. I called our insurance again today and she said she had to look for it then would call me back on the status...


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