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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A small victory

After almost five long months, we've FINALLY got some money back from RGI that our insurance reimbursed. This is the very first insurance reimbursement (the other reimbursement was directly from RGI because we didn't have a transfer). It's only for $5,500, but that feels like a lot right now. At least it's a step in the right direction.

I've received three insurance statements in May and June saying that our insurance has reimbursed RGI about $11,000 so far, however RGI has only reimbursed us this $5,500 of that so far. I finally dragged this out of them by trying a new tactic - instead of talking to the same lady every time, which I thought would be better so I wouldn't have to explain things to a different person, I decided to try to get someone new. So this time I talked to a new lady, and she said she was showing that we were owed this $5,500 and she mailed that right away. I guess I should have tried talking to someone new before, it's just so annoying to get a new person and have to talk them through things, you know? But she was very helpful and at least we've received that portion.

Now she says I need to call this medical billing company to check on the rest because she's not showing that we're owed anything else. I wanted to get this company's info before, but was unable to with the original billing person, so I'm happy to get their number so I can call them and again talk to someone new. On the refund letter it says this $5,500 is for the PGD... I'm not quite sure which portions of the PGD are included in order to add up to that. The only combo that works is the PGD Setup Fee $3,500 + Chromosome Testing Fee $2,000 = $5,500, however that doesn't include then the embryo biopsy fees or anything... Kind of confusing. I'll try to see when I talk to them, again.

But anyway, hooray for us for getting $5,500! :)


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